Architectural Design, Structural Design, Mechanical and Electrical Services, Plumbing, Civil Design, Sourcing and Procurement, Construction and Commission, Project Management, Quality Surveillance, Consultancy Service

Renewable Solar Energy

Energy Saving Solutions, Energy Auditing, Lightning System Design and Applications, Solar Home System, Off-Grid Solar, Grid-tied Solar, Hybrid Solar, Mini-Grid Solar System, Smart Grid Solution, Solar Energy Solutions Training, Consultancy Service, Educational Programme

Electrical Engineering

  • Substation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution

System Planning and Concept and Feasibility Studies, Tender Preparation and Evaluation, Engineering Design, Procurement and Sourcing Service, Construction and Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance Support, Energy Audit


Site Survey, Acquisition, Implementation and Execution, Network Design and Planning, Project Management, Energy Audit, Network Optimisation, Network and Service Investigation, Monitoring and Security

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